Mystical Experience of C.G. Price

C.G. Price was a man who lived in the U.K. during the 20th century and who, at one time, ran a small farm.  It appears that little other information is available about his background.  The information detailed below is primarily from Nona Coxhead’s 1985 book, The Relevance of Bliss, which provides an account of Price’s experience.

C.G. Price’s mystical experience occurred during a period when his farm was going through a time of great financial strain.  Price was very worried and angry about the prospect of having to sell his farm and the animals on it, and he felt that God was not pulling his weight on Price’s behalf.  And then his mystical experience occurred:

“With thoughts of self-pity such as these in my mind, one Sunday morning in February 1968, dreading the start of a new week with the possibility of more bad news and so on, I set about the task of bedding my cows down with straw.  Shaking up bales of straw is not very demanding on the intellect, and I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular that I can remember.  I don’t even remember the feeling creeping up on me, but suddenly…

I seemed to be enveloped in a cocoon of golden light that actually felt warm, and which radiated a feeling of Love so intense that it was almost tangible.  One felt that one could grasp handfuls of it, and fill one’s pockets.

In this warm cocoon of golden light I sensed a presence which I could not actually see but knew was there.  My mind became crystal clear, and in an instant of time I suddenly knew, without any doubts, that I was part of a “Whole”.  Not an isolated part, but an integral part. I felt a sense of “One-ment”.  I knew that I belonged and that nothing could change that.  The loss of my farm and livelihood didn’t matter any more.  I was an important part of the “Wholeness” of things, and transient ambitions were secondary.

How long the experience lasted, I really don’t know, probably only a few seconds, because when I “came to” again, I was still shaking up straw.  There was, however, a sort of afterglow that lingered on for days, and even now, as I re-live the experience, that feeling of one-ness is as strong as ever.”

Although Price was, in time, forced to sell his farm, his mystical experience left him with a sense of contentment, despite his troubles.  After his farm was sold, Price stated that, “I have greater inner content now than I ever thought possible, and an enhancement of what I can only describe as a quality of living.  Things fall into perspective much more easily…”

Quoted from The Relevance of Bliss by Nona Coxhead.

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