Mystical Experience of Moyra Caldecott

Moyra Caldecott (1927 – ) is an author who has written more than 20 fiction and non-fiction books.  To Caldecott, reality is multidimensional.  She is known for her vivid writing about “the adventures and experiences to be encountered in the inner realms of the human consciousness…”  Caldecott’s works include:  Guardians of the Tall Stones: The Sacred Stones Trilogy, The Breathless Pause, and Multi-Dimensional Life.

Moyra Caldecott described a mystical experience that occurred in a South African church during her confirmation ceremony when she was a young girl.  Caldecott was going over the memorized service in her mind, and her thoughts were “all over the place – certainly not on anything profoundly religious.”  And then, her mystical experience began:

“It was my turn.  [The Bishop of Natal] put his hand on my head…

I didn’t hear what he said but…

I suddenly seemed to cease to be me (that is, in the sense of ‘me’ I had thought I was – living in a particular house, in a particular street, going to a particular school).  I felt the most incredible flow of energy and power coursing through me and had, what I believe to be, and experience of Timeless Reality…of consciousness that took in everything without limit….but reached to nothing except in the sense of ‘knowing…and loving.

The Bishop must have had his hand on my head for no more than a few seconds – but one could live a whole lifetime and not gain as much insight as I gained in this one beautiful, devastating moment.

I stood up and went back to my place in the pew as I had been trained to do…trembling, shaken.”

Quoted by Louann Stahl in A Most Surprising Song:  Exploring The Mystical Experience.

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