The mission of the Institute for Mystical Experience Research and Education (IMERE) is to advance the creation, communication, and application of mystical experience knowledge to help unite people throughout the world and to assist individuals in their spiritual growth.

IMERE respects all religions and worldviews. We are not affiliated with any particular religious body, and we warmly welcome people of all religions, spiritual but not religious individuals, agnostics, and atheists to take part in our community.

Mystical experiences are transformational events that lie at or near the foundation of religions generally and thus even of civilization itself. Moreover, the mystical roots of conscious experience reveal a deep human identity, transcending all national, racial, personal, and theological differences. Indeed, we believe that mystical experiences may well have shaped humankind – for the better – more than anything else in our history. It is thus of the greatest importance to further humanity’s understanding of these important, transformative experiences.

At present, IMERE’s main research project is an international survey of mystical experiencers (see our Mystical Experience Questionnaire page for additional information). Through our collection of thousands of mystical experience surveys from people from all over the world, we are advancing humankind’s understanding of these important transcendental experiences.

We invite you to journey through our website to learn more about IMERE. And, if you believe that you have had, or may have had, a mystical experience, we warmly encourage you to share your experience with us through our Online Mystical Experience Questionnaire (your submission will be kept anonymous unless you indicate otherwise). You and people like you are the drivers of IMERE’s success.

Founded in 2013, The Institute for Mystical Experience Research and Education, Inc. (IMERE) is a New York Nonprofit Corporation. At the federal level, IMERE is a Self-Declared 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization (for the purpose of tax-exempt status).

Please note: mystical experience is often referred to by different names, including, but not limited to, cosmic consciousness, ecstatic experience, enlightenment, enlightenment experience, experience of god, experience of oneness, god consciousness, god-realization, intellectual vision, kensho, mystic experience, mystical consciousness, NDE like experience, near death like experience, religious conversion, religious experience, sacred experience, samadhi, self-realization, spiritual awakening, spiritual experience, spiritually transformative experience (STE), transcendent experience, transcendental experience, transpersonal experience, unity experience, and unitive experience. If you believe that you have had any of these experiences, then we warmly encourage you to complete our Mystical Experience Questionnaire.