One with the Entire Universe

Mystical Experiencer:  Man in his late fiftiesSubmission date:  October 18, 2023Current location:  United StatesAge at time of experience:  23I was attending the Holy Mass during a retreat and, after four days of intense prayer and meditation, I was going in the communion line to receive the holy communion and I listened to the song happening at that time. I receive the Lord and my heart is full of joy.

As soon as I received the holy communion, I felt a deep sense of ecstasy and joy welling up in my heart and spent the time in pure bliss. I did not feel like going for dinner that day along with my colleagues, but, instead, I went to my room and danced in great joy for an hour, singing songs and dancing around in the room in pure joy and ecstasy…

It was a unitive and sweet experience of being one with yourself and the entire universe.

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