Flowing. Absorbing Love. Peace.

Mystical Experiencer:  Woman in her early thirtiesSubmission date:  September 20, 2023Current location:  United StatesAge at time of experience:  26From my (slightly edited) notes immediately taken after my most significant mystical experience: (07/15/2016)The night prior I had taken a hot yoga class. I went to bed late and woke up before my 6:30 am alarm. I began my day with coffee. During the early part of the day, I attended ‘Voice of Hope’, an Aphasia support group that meets at the University of South Florida (USF) St. Pete campus. Upon arriving home, I laid on the couch and watched ‘Marco Polo’ on Netflix. Starting to doze off, I moved to my bed. Slowly moving around, I felt my muscles deeply sore from yoga while comfortably laying in my bed. The good kind of sore, that can only be felt when stretching again, similar to a deep tissue massage. As I lay in bed, I continued some slow movement. As I lay on my right side, I started to move energy around my body with my breath. Letting my mind settle, my body inches with extreme ease and intention to a central supine position (savasana). Continuing to move my energy with my breath, my awareness started to focus on my hips, moving up around, caressing my organs. As the energy built, tense areas I carried in my neck, chest, ribs, dominantly on my right side began to intensify with energy. Not resisting this feeling, it transformed into even more focused areas, feeling now mainly in my neck and chest. Setting my intentions to love; love of self and the entire universe. Breathing and increasing love, releasing fear and doubt. Breathe love, release fear. Release from my body, mind, and soul. The energy intensified more, creating a buzzing and tingling sensation. My head cranks back slightly to open and release further. I begin to cry. Not over any particular event or person, but simply to release a feeling in my body, my soul. As I cry, a huge, wide smile comes across my face. Laughter interrupts the crying and then the two emotions fuse momentarily. I sense love, bring in love and gratitude into my being. My eyes squint hard as my body opens from the center of my spine to my limbs. I release into darkness with my body extending out even greater. A sense that I am expanding infinitely towards a light, transcending space and time. The laughter and crying continued as my entire body pulses, almost shaking. I slowly move to a calmer state. A relaxed smile greets me. I have a physical sense that I have extended infinitely backwards and forwards. I begin to melt in all directions. Flowing. Absorbing love. Peace. Knowledge that I am enough. Allowance to speak my mind without fear of being wrong. That love is what transforms all. If I accept love, I can do anything, we can do anything, together. Moving together in words, intentions, and thoughts to find harmony. My body is weightless, floating, with the energy equally dispersed over every inch of my body. Peace. My wrists begin to feel perfect circular movements, gently massaging as the sensations move into the perfect places from my arms at the perfect time. I allow the energy to travel without directing it with my mind, but rather my body follows it. It smoothly stretches me from head to toe, pulling the arm, the leg, the spine, leg to head. A self-massage occurs simply through the sensations of energy circulating in my body. Feeling that the tension, the fear, has been removed. Total bliss. As my mind wanders, I breathe in love. Sensations switch to a state of everyday, waking consciousness, preparing me to come back to my mind and to be less in my body. I embrace the slow awakening and only open my eyes when my body feels ready with desire. I roll over onto my side, starting at my fleshy hand. Visually detecting the remains of this intense energy, seeming to come into a state of stillness. Visually, I perceive a subtle, glistening light wash over my hand and arm. Peace. Om Shanti Om.

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