The organizations and courses listed below are meant to provide a range of cost-effective options for those looking for suggestions for online meditation and contemplation programs. As is the case for the other resources on this site, the list is not meant to be comprehensive. Rather, our goal is to provide useful suggestions for established meditation and contemplation programs. (Please note: IMERE receives no compensation for the purchase of any course, product, or other offering from the websites listed below).

Ananda Course in Meditation (Non-Dual Vedantin):

From the course website:  Learn Paramhansa Yogananda’s Scientific Meditation Techniques.  Whether a beginning or experienced meditator, take this meditation class to develop or deepen your daily meditation practice and connect with your higher Self.

This is a 10-week online course, offered synchronously or asynchronously during the course period.  The course is offered several times per year.

The Calm Center Video Course (Nonsectarian):

Stever Taylor, Ph.D., a mystical experiencer, psychologist, spirituality researcher, and author, describes The Calm Center Video Course he created as follows: “The five session Calm Center course is designed to show you the essential aspects of spiritual awakening, and to guide you through the process of transformation. It will help to cultivate the fleeting moments of harmony that we all experience from time to time, so that they can become our permanent state. The course will include many of my poetic spiritual reflections and meditations, with exercises and discussions based upon them.”  In the course, Steve guides students through meditations relating to themes, and he provides a number of exercises to do (where one can pause the video).

Contemplative Outreach’s Centering Prayer Program (Christian):

From the program listing:  If you are new to Centering Prayer or wishing to renew your practice, this [on-demand] retreat will assist you with deepening your relationship with God. We will focus on teaching and practicing the method of Centering Prayer; review its place in the Christian tradition, its conceptual background, and psychological process; and share insights into establishing Centering Prayer as a way of life. 

Hemi-Sync Recordings (Nonsectarian):

From the Hemi-Sync website:  Hemi-Sync, founded by Robert A. Monroe, is internationally known for its work with audio sound patterns that can have dramatic effects on states of consciousness.  Monroe achieved world-wide recognition as a ground-breaking visionary and explorer of human consciousness. His pioneering research, beginning in the 1950s, led to the discovery that specific sound patterns have identifiable, beneficial effects on our capabilities. For example, certain combinations of frequencies enhance alertness; others induce sleep; and still others evoke expanded states of consciousness.

Numerous Hemi-Sync offerings are available under a range of categories, such as Meditation, Spiritual Growth, Relaxation, and Creativity.

Natural Stress Relief (NSR) Meditation (Nonsectarian):

From the Natural Stress Relief website:  Natural Stress Relief is a simple do-it-yourself technique for experiencing a profound state of restful alertness. This inexpensive, easy-to-learn, and effortless program will allow you to sharpen your mind and wash away internal stresses, making daily activities more effective and enjoyable…. NSR allows you to “dive within” and effortlessly and systematically dissolve accumulated mental and physical stress, wherever you live and whatever your background. This mental technique is simple, easy, and enjoyable, and once learned can be practiced anytime and anywhere. Natural Stress Relief is much more than just relaxation. It is a technique to eliminate stored stresses.

Note:  NSR Meditation may be regarded as a cost-effective alternative to Transcendental Meditation.

Sacred Acoustics Digital Courses (Nonsectarian):

Sacred Acoustics is led by Karen Newell, a personal development specialist, and Eben Alexander, M.D. a retired neurosurgeon, author, and near-death experiencer.  According to the Sacred Acoustics website, “Sacred Acoustics recordings are used to accomplish a wide range of goals. While your awareness is in an expansive state, it becomes easier to let go of mind chatter, access intuition, manifest healing or find creative inspiration and spiritual guidance. Or, simply get a good night’s sleep!”

Vipassana Meditation (Buddhist):

This free YouTube Playlist includes “10 Day Vipassana Discourses” from Satya Narayana Goenka.  S.N. Goenka was an Indian Vipassana meditation teacher who emphasized that the path to liberation taught by the Buddha was non-sectarian, universal, and scientific.  In 2012, the Indian government awarded S.N. Goenka the Padma Bhushan, an award given for highly distinguished service.

For additional resources on mystical experience, spirituality in general, and consciousness, please visit our Mystical Experience Resources page.