A Bliss Beyond Words

Mystical Experiencer:  Female (age not provided)
Submission date:  July 6, 2022
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  19

When I was 19 years old, I was out with my friends, and suddenly I felt like going home . It was about midnight which was early for me in those days. When I got home I plopped on the couch in our family room, as my parents and brother were sleeping upstairs.

I closed my eyes and felt as though I was in the stars. It was most spectacular! I was amazed because I was still awake yet felt splendorous euphoria, love, time, and light, expanding, and enveloping me. I felt vast yet minute, heavy yet light, but it was the holiness of love  and rainbow light that made me ask, is this the edge of heaven? Then the realization of heaven is really real. I was on the edge of heaven and I wanted to stay there. I asked, “can I stay here?” The love I felt was so, so unexplainably beautiful, a bliss beyond words.

The ringing of the telephone snapped me back to the couch. I was annoyed because I didn’t want to leave that experience yet. It was my grandmother’s doctor calling for my father to let him know his mother had passed away forty-five minutes ago. Even though I didn’t see my grandmother in this vision, I am convinced that this was a shared death experience.

One of my big takeaways from this experience, is that we are so, so loved by Universe, Creator.

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