A Direct Sensation of Eternity

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in mid-twenties
Submission date:  September 23, 2022
Current location:  Poland
Age at time of experience:  23

There was a sensation of alienation and gradual dematerialization of the body.  I was surprised with my reflection in the mirror. I had a feeling of standing by my side instead of inside my body. Gradual fragmentation of reality began and I felt as if my mind transferred to another universe. There was immense peace, spiral color fractals and feeling as if I was an isolated consciousness.

My first thought was I got somewhere, where people eventually go after death. It struck me somehow, because my whole life I was an atheist and such an idea was so unexpected. Heaven? Vast spaces / gardens / palaces full of fractals. God / gods are fractals? The flow of existential questions occurred, deep compassion for the suffering of people worldwide.

[Psychedelic] mushrooms wanted me to heal others. Perception of many parallel realities, the non-existence of the body / its fragments. All human knowledge felt absurdly irrelevant.  A direct sensation of eternity. Complicated three-dimensional illusions, reflections, lines. The sparkling sky. Suddenly I felt I could go back to my body but I don’t have to, no fear.

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