Losing Myself—a Union Into Light and Love

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in early sixties
Submission date:  June 16, 2022
Current location:  United Kingdom
Age at time of experience:  40

I sensed my consciousness rapidly expand.

I could think at infinite speed…

I looked around me and I had a sense of union, I was the tree I stood beside, the tree was part of me, where ever I cast my attention I felt union.

I saw a unique design within everything, the interconnectedness of all creation, the choregraphed beauty of creation.

I had a sense that if i asked any question I would get an immediate response, however, I suddenly felt no need or wish.

Then the most joyous feeling of happiness….the presence of God – unbridled – unconditional love.

I had a sense of losing myself a union into light and love….

Since then, I have sought to go back to it all my life.

It totally changed me, although it has taken years to settle with me…

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