In Complete Union with the Universe

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in mid-fifties
Submission date:  August 16, 2022
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  5

I was playing in my backyard. It was a warm and sunny day, perhaps still morning because I remember that I was barefoot and the grass felt cool underneath my feet. I came across a small bird. The bird appeared to struggle as I approached to get a closer look. I saw that the bird attempted to fly, but that it had a wing that was bent at an awkward angle and could not fully outstretch.

The small bird, a sparrow perhaps, vigorously attempted to fly over and over, and yet the lame wing failed to open.  I knew growing up in the country that a bird with a broken wing would not survive, and I felt deeply sorry that the small bird would not likely experience a long life. I began to hum and then sing a made-up song I hoped might provide the bird with some comfort.

Then, I became aware of the sun’s rays upon me. The sun was warm and reminded me that I was also of the sun. I felt compelled to lift the bird in the palm of my hands and brought the small bird up towards the sun. I prayed upon the bird for healing and that the bird would experience more of its life.

Miraculously, the small bird stretched its wings and flew powerfully from my hands. I experienced so much love the moment the bird took flight. I felt an immense and vast love radiating out from me. I felt to be in complete union with the universe and the binding life energy was LOVE.

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