I Merged with the Whole Cosmos

Mystical Experiencer: Man in his early forties
Submission date: February 25, 2023
Current location: Belgium
Age at time of experience: 14

I was sitting in our garden, fascinated by the body of a deceased pigeon lying there. A bunch of ants came crawling towards it. I was utterly captivated and kept staring at this little scene. Then, suddenly, barriers fell away, I was no longer staring at the ants: Instead, the ants and I became one. Then, this oneness grew, like ripples on water: I also became one with the pigeon. And then, rapidly, I felt (I was) becoming one with the surrounding grass, the flowers, the trees in the woods behind our garden, the hedge, the house, the people inside the houses, then the clouds, the sky, the mountains, until I merged with the whole cosmos. This lasted for several hours.

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