More Real Than Anything

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-forties
Submission date:  November 8, 2021
Current location:  Canada
Age at time of experience:  22

During my undergrad in Anthropology, I took several courses on altered states of consciousness and the phenomenology of religion. A group of 6 friends decided to get a large amount of mushrooms and take incrementally more each weekend until we had a breakthrough experience. Once we took 5 or more grams the breakthroughs happened.

We would sit comfortably in a meditative state in a place where we could lay down. We had soft music playing and soft lighting. One of us was designated the “lightning rod” who stayed sober to help if the doorbell rang or there was anything to deal with. Once the trip started there were many segments or vignettes, most of which cannot be encapsulated by words. The initial most memorable segment was when I turned into a vibration (colour) and shot out of my body straight up and quickly left the earth.

Space was a thick soup of all of the questions and answers of the universe, but I couldn’t make them out as I was moving too quickly. I continued to gain speed as I left the solar system moving towards the edges of the universe. Once I reached the edge of the universe I split in half and started to move around the edges of the universe at increasing speed.

Eventually, my vibration encompassed the entire edge of the universe and came together causing an explosion. The explosion pushed me into another realm where I saw a giant pool of all of the vibrations of everything that has and ever will live, where all life begins and ends, like a giant pool, that felt deeply like home. It was like I was being shown this by something/someone that knew me more intimately than anyone, and then I realized I was in the presence of God.

Not the God that you are told about at Sunday school with the robe and beard, actual God. The entity that came up with all of this. It wasn’t a person but like me also a vibration. Not a male or female but for the sake of convenience, I will say he. We communicated telepathically. Like my soul to his. I could feel a sense of pure love and home. He comforted me as I was shaken by this experience. It was a feeling like a warm smile and embrace by the one who has loved me before I existed. He told me he was happy with me and it had been a while. I felt a profound sense of being home and comfort.

I met him again a few times after that but that one experience alone made me not fear death as I had seen where we head after this and it doesn’t scare me. After this segment with God, there were many other somewhat confusing segments that words cannot accurately describe, but I know that what I experienced is real down to my last molecule. I don’t share this account with people as I fear they will think I am not right in the head. It has been more than 20 years since my first true encounter with God and every time I walked away with a line to remember. Things such as “Watch what you are doing”.

I grew up Mennonite and after my 20s have found organized religion silly. It is hard for me to listen to someone telling me what God wants me to do when they have never met him. The hardest part of all of this is keeping it to myself, as I want to share my experience as I know it was more real than anything.

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