My Mind Disappeared and I was Free!

Mystical experiencer: Man in his early eighties
Submission date: October 18, 2022
Current location: United States
Age at time of experience: 29

I was doing active self-enquiry with a partner in a group over a three-day weekend. I was ‘holding’ the question, “Who Am I?” On the morning of the third day, I realized that everything I knew about myself had nothing to do with the real Self, my true nature. I visualized myself as a hologram, 4 feet tall, about 8 feet in front of me. Everything I had always taken myself to be pertained to the hologram and none of it was about the real ME.

Then I saw myself standing on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, looking across to the opposite rim. It went down with no bottom in sight. I knew I needed to be on the opposite rim…I could not stay here. I didn’t know how to get across. Then, shortly after, the scene dissolved into a vast infinite space, in which I ceased to exist. My mind disappeared and I was free!

Then, when my mind started to become active, I had one thought at a time, rolling like a wave over the ocean. I clearly saw what the thought was made of…a powerful energy of the same essential nature as my essential Self…the True self. My mind was pretty much blank, until my girlfriend, also in attendance, said something to me. Without considering how she might take what I was about to say, I uttered my spontaneous response.

She got offended. I found it amusing so I laughed. I was in Bliss, which lasted about 2 hours, as mind began to come back. I saw the ignorant folly of my habitual thinking patterns and how they were not even my thoughts…they were ‘provided’ by society. I was indeed free!!!

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