I felt completely connected to everything in the universe.

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-twenties
Current location:  U.S.A.  
Age at time of experience:  24

My most significant mystical experience occurred at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.  On that trip, which was one provided by Birth Right (a free trip to Israel for Jews ages 18-26 who have never been before), we did perform religious ceremonies.  All of us on the trip were touring the Wall and were split into two groups:  men and women.  While touring the recently excavated underground area I began to experience deja vu.  This is a relatively common experience for me as I do have a habit of dreaming about things before they happen. 

We got to an area of the wall that is underground.  One of the other people on the trip was putting his hands on the wall and leaning against it.  I felt this was a good idea and began to do the same.  While I was still completely aware of the physical world I felt my soul transcend it.  I began to feel a deep sense of peace and calm as if I had entered a "heavenly realm" where the higher forces of peace and love ruled.  I felt a deep sense of cleansing and purging.  I felt completely connected to everything in the universe. 

We moved on with the tour and my mystical experience continued at the above-ground section of the wall.  While leaning against this part I felt part of the same realm I had entered below ground.  I felt the need to pray for peace.  As is common practice, I wrote wishes and prayers on pieces of paper and stuck them into the wall.  But my wishes were for the greater good of humanity and NOT for selfish or egotistical purposes.  While up against this part of the wall I found myself composing rhyming verse.  I had become dissatisfied with my career path as a musician before that; one of the things that situation made me attempt was writing my own songs and poetry.  This peaceful intrusion of rhyming seemed to me a confirmation that I was on a good path with that. 

After this the people on the trip with me regrouped and stood in a circle with our arms around one-another.  I could feel the connection we all shared at that moment.  I left with a deep feeling of peace and a profound sense of cleansing more encompassing than any other experiences I have had during my life, including others (and there are) that were of a mystical nature.

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