Born again to a new Life, which is so perfect and so sacred.

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-seventies
Current location:  Sri Lanka
Age at time of experience:  20

A dim golden ray appears in the Eastern horizon and spreads out slowly its radiant wings. It is a cold morning among the mountains. The earth is quiet in the deep silence of the boundless heaven. The noisy world is yet to come. The occasional breeze is refreshing. Trees, plants and bushes are waiting impatiently for the warmth of the rising sun. Leaves are studded with diamond like dewdrops. The mist settled among the blue mountains is thinning out slowly as the air gathers the sun’s warmth.

Flowers seem to welcome the rising sun dancing joyfully with the playful breeze. The mind wanting to enjoy inner peace sets to meditation. It tries to gather itself in concentration. As it attempts to go deep within a casual thought arises distorting attention. One really wonders: “What are these thoughts?” Thoughts are nothing but disturbances within. We are inwardly living in a world of restless thoughts arising and falling like the waves of sea. Living in this world of thoughts is superficial.

Thoughts chatter endlessly, not leaving a single moment of silence. Mind is crowded by thoughts leaving no space between them. One can suppress these thoughts to experience silence. But such silence brought by control of mind cannot go far. So, all what you can do is to watch the stream of thoughts without any choice. A thought arises and proceeds along. Then it subsides letting another thought to arise. Thus the stream of thoughts proceeds continuously through time.

Why are you letting yourself go with the stream of thoughts? Because you feel that thoughts take you forward. But at close observation it is a false notion. Thoughts do not take you anywhere. In spite of all your wanderings in thoughts, you are still in the same old place. You will never arrive at anything new by going from one thought to another. Seeing this, can you realize the futility of pursuing thought after thought?

With that flash of insight the miracle happened! Clinging to thoughts dropped down. The mind ceased to be. With that cessation of thoughts, a boundless space opened up – a dimension not known before. Mind awakened itself from all its illusionary and dreamy wanderings. All the petty limitations of the mind vanished away. They had been created by the center “I”. This is a wonderful dimension of freedom. With this miraculous opening one felt being born again to a new Life, which is so perfect and so sacred. How ecstatic is living now? Now the whole universe is revealing itself.

As the mist cleared away, the vast sky appears in startlingly blue. The sun’s golden rays touched the mountain peaks. The roses dance to the rhythm of the gentle breeze cheerfully welcoming the new day. The freshly bloomed roses sweeten the air. Now every moment is charmingly sweet and fresh. One is amazed at this unique inner discovery. Every moment is amazingly joyous and fulfilling. No sorrow can touch this clarity. You can laugh at the sufferings you had gone through in the past. This dynamic quality is not a self-created elevation, nor a self-hypnotic delusion, nor a sentimental height brought about by a belief or faith. The mind is fully awake with all its intelligence and awareness. The mind has willingly ceased all its activities for the Vastness of the Cosmos to be. This is a rediscovery of Life.

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