An Immense Silent Intelligent “Space”

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-seventies
Current location:  Australia
Age at time of experience:  40

I and my partner and child walked up to the rim of the Canyon. Abruptly confronted with the majesty of the Grand Canyon, my normal consciousness stopped. I then became aware of an immense silent intelligent ‘Space’ that paradoxically, although silent, contained the noise of the nearby tourists.

Very oddly, this ‘Space’ contained the space of the Grand Canyon in such a way that it could have contained 10,000 Grand Canyons without in any way being filled up by them. It was of a different order of space. It was somehow infinitely empty yet could contain any number of things – while remaining empty. Its ‘spaciousness’ was somehow also its intelligence.

This intelligence seemed somehow ‘pure’ i.e. like a silent potential rather than active. After standing there for a few minutes we left. Neither my child nor my partner noticed anything out of the ordinary. I didn’t mention it, being rather lost for words. I described it to them decades later.

A few days or weeks before visiting the Canyon, I had consulted an alleged psychic in L.A. She predicted that I would soon have an extraordinary experience ‘in a high place’.

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