All God!!!

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in early fifties
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  46

Prior to the experience: Deep contemplation of a catch 22 in “my life story” and a seeming decision to surrender all control of the situation to God.  The thought of surrender was the last normal thought.  What comes next is the experience itself:

There seemed to be a huge column of gold light rising up through me and out of my chest upwards.  I seemed to rise up with it and as I did, the body seemed to dissolve into the column of light rising upwards, but also my arms seemed to stretch outwards at the same time – first as high as the ceiling, then above the house, which dissolved into the light then above the earth, which also dissolved into the light. Then it was as far up and out as the previous sense of mind could imagine.  “I” seemed to be this light which was everything, but at the same “time” something was aware of this and was watching it unfold.

This light which seemed to come with the subjective sense of I seemed like love beyond anything I could imagine, power beyond imagining, and the sense of knowing everything but nothing in particular. I felt like I had merged with/was the greatest love imaginable. Then I, as this light, seemed to be back in my house and I seemed to be everything, but as particles of light – even the walls. Everything seemed to be “I”, but this was “seen” as if an awareness was aware of the “I” that was everything.  Then, “I” heard very clearly the words “NOW WHAT?” and immediately I was back in the body sitting at the kitchen table.

After the experience:  The mind came back and I thought, “Holy crap – we are ALL GOD!!!  I told my husband and son that I had experienced being one with God, and that we are all God, and they told me that I am full of crap and a nut.  Since then I laugh and tell them I am ALL THE NUTS and that there really are no nuts at all since there are no separate entities, only God and that they are God.

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