All was Light

Mystical Experiencer:  Male (age not reported)
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  57

I was at Descanso Gardens, alone. My father had recently passed away. I was sitting on a bench at a favorite spot, Fern Canyon, which has a waterfall trickling through it. Was simply relaxing, listening to the soft sound of the water. When I felt a change within, in my consciousness. And then there was present a light from within that became so bright that I no longer was aware of my senses…all was light. And then a voice became audible, not to my ears, but within, to my spirit.

This voice informed me of my life: who I was and why I had come into the world. I experienced timelessness. Then the voice transitioned into silence. And then, the light I had been experiencing became more intense. And I experienced what I had heard and read of but never experienced: unconditional love. I had the sense of a willingness to die right then & there if only I could remain precisely where I was, even if it meant not saying goodbye to loved ones. This final state lasted perhaps 5 or 10 minutes. And then it was over.

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