The one/divine mystery is LOVE.

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-eighties
Current Location:  U.S.A.  
Age at time of experience:  76

My friend and I were enjoying a beautiful walk in familiar woods with perfect weather: sunny and warm. I am bisexual (or osmotic!) He is straight. We love each other very much, even with no sexual content. I stopped us for a moment to concentrate more on what he was saying. While looking at him I became overwhelmed by how powerful my love felt for him and then it became not that I felt love, but that I was love and a part of the divine mystery – which to me is love. It felt like the ultimate truth and oneness of existence. Transcendent. Overpoweringly beautiful. The answer to the nature of life after our incarnate lives.

My greatest understanding/knowledge from the experience is that all is one. We are each part of the divine mystery. We shall achieve unity with the one in the afterlife. The one/divine mystery is LOVE.

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