EVERYTHING Made Perfect Sense

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in late sixties
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  41

I am having a difficult time focusing on the directive to describe “most significant mystical experience” much like a parent would resist labeling one off-spring with a superlative over another. I think each of my experiences were “MOST” significant. The construct of this survey is already causing me to resist being directed to choose one incident over the five as “most.”

I will do the best I can, but I want to be recorded as preferring to not make such a determination. I choose one of the five because it was the first to profoundly shift my world view, but not because I would label it as more significant than the others.

I was driving 40 minutes home from a mundane graduate level class at a land-grant university. It was storming, late at night, and the road was filled with tractor trailer trucks which were splashing my windshield excessively. My son and daughter were home alone and I began to process what their lives would be like if I didn’t make it home. I concluded that there would be positives and negatives to living without their devoted mother, and instantly I took what I can only describe as “a trip” while still driving that car.

Words cannot describe my experience, but what I can say is that later in life I discovered the impact of this incident was similar to what happens to people when they have had a near-death experience. My chest was filled with pure joy. I left any semblance of ego behind and fully embraced that we are all connected. EVERYTHING made perfect sense, and I felt like a spider on a spider web but at a cosmic level. I was filled with a profound sense of calm and love for everything in my world including rocks and trees. I felt absolutely no fear, nor have I felt fear since.

I ended up at home and slept well that night. I told no one about this incident because who would have believed me?

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