Everything was Alive and Connected; Only Love is Real

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in late fifties
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  41

From 1997 through 1999 I had a small craft business that I loved, and couldn’t get enough of. I was always looking for new ideas for projects to create. I dis invitation only craft shows, the last of which I did in November 1999. Then, right after that it seems I just started losing my interest in my craft and in life, I was so depressed I didn’t even want to get out of bed in the mornings. I thought, “what’s the use, just another dreary day with no point or purpose?”

That went on for months, and then in August my sister-in-law was getting married in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. I had always loved the mountains but I hadn’t been in a long time. When we got there, I realized just how much I did love the mountains. I felt such excitement at being there, and I felt so alive! More alive than I had felt in years.

We spent 3 days there, and I spent most of my time outdoors just soaking up the beauty. We came home on Sunday afternoon. After we were home, my husband left for a few hours, so I was home alone for a while. I picked up a book I had been reading, and went outside to sit under a shade tree to read. I came to this passage in the book that said something like “remember when you were a child and you knew that God was everywhere and not just some old man in the sky?”

Oh my God! When I read those words it’s like the Earth shifted and my whole world changed. I felt like I literally became one with the universe, with all there is. I became the ground I was standing on, the sky above. I became the trees and all of the animals and all of the plants. The entire Earth was me. I knew that everything was alive and connected, even the grass and gravel under my feet was alive, and that we all shared the same consciousness. I knew that we were all one, everything is all one, one mind, one body and one spirit, and it all belongs to God.

We are all connected by a force field of energy that is created literally from love and light. There is no Us and Then. It is all We, as we are one being. There is no separation. So many truths were revealed. Truth like Only Love is Real. God loves each and every one of us personally. God has a personal side and an impersonal side; the impersonal side is the universe, for there are laws that control the nature of things.

I felt so much unconditional love, that I just fell to my knees sobbing with joy and gratitude.  I kept repeating almost mindlessly “thank you God, thank you God for letting me come home again, thank you God for revealing the truth to me.” I have never been more 100% sure of anything in my life than of the unconditional love that I felt and knew and was in that moment. I literally felt my heart close a rift, a break that I had not realized was there. I felt my heart mend. I felt unconditional love and joy for all of life, like everything had been forgiven, and that everything was always okay. No matter what happened, it’s always okay. I felt myself trying to float out the top of my head, but I kept talking myself down, saying “no, it’s not time yet, I still have so much left to do here.”

All anger fear and resentment were resolved instantly.

This experience and the feelings of unconditional love, and feeling like everything was okay, lasted for several years. It forever changed the person I am today. I no longer feel the same kind of extreme joy and unconditional love that I felt those first few years, but I always know the truth of what’s real.

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