I Felt Heaven for a Bit

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in early sixties
Current location: U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  16

This experience was so profound that 45 years later I’m able to still recall the experience.  I was a typical 16-year-old.  Had spent a lot of time prior in churches singing and playing bells.

I recall that my friends and I used to like to take some acid and go to concerts.  We had done this earlier and I was home in my living room sitting quietly on my couch most likely listening to music.  Then, out of nowhere, a presence of love and light entered my body and told me not to worry about the future because I was going to heaven.  I felt heaven for a bit.  Not sure how long.  I was bathed in a blanket of the most amazing love you can ever imagine.

It was a beautiful experience and my best friend came over shortly after and I was wide-eyed telling her what had happened to me.  We are still friends and she brings it up once in a while still to this day.  I have lived a wonderful life and am now at 61 undertaking a spiritual awakening quest.  I’m very close.  I meditate and am on a continual search for the truth.

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