Interconnected Love as Our Only Reality

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in early sixties
Current location:  Canada
Age at time of experience:  62

Early evening, one year ago today, I was sitting on the edge of my bed, contemplating that God's omnipotence and omniscience could only be possible with a perfectly pure and innocent mind; one that held no single negative thought.

I soon began meditating on a particular passage in A Course In Miracles text. The words were about the innocence of God being the true state of the mind of His Son – His Son meaning all of us as one or any one of the whole. The words resonated very deeply, and I closed my eyes to meditate on them.

I was suddenly in a radiant colorful place in heaven with a loving God, all at once knowing what my experience was, and feeling the deepest possible joy. God confirmed instantly and wordlessly that what I had been thinking and meditating upon was perfectly true.

He elaborated that each and every one of us are his creations, equally perfect and innocent for eternity – that that is our reality, and no other. Describing God in words is impossible, and I can only recall that centrally focused before me were arrays of light-filled movement in varied colors. God was not tall or vast; perhaps even child-like in stature, but that varied. Clearly a most apparent, indescribably beautiful, but paradoxically not-contained, abstract being.

I felt greatly loved, felt interconnected love as our only reality, and found myself directly united with God. We celebrated together deeply in the knowledge shared. I then followed him briefly around a centrally featured, round crystalline wall I deduced was God's place of operations; perhaps his office? This was like nowhere on Earth. It appeared as though positioned in the mid-heavens, with stars all about, yet set within the darkness of space.

I stood beside a formation of unfixed, beautiful poly-chrome crystalline sheets, different sizes and shapes–all brilliant, transparent, and arranged in abstract architectural configurations. Some sheets were arranged mostly vertically, varying heights and clearest colors. God withdrew to his private space at this point, though I could still see his being as he circled behind the wall of light.

It was then that I put my extended hand straight through the crystalline substances. They were comprised entirely of light, yet had a curious solidity like glass. I glanced out into the darkness, focusing upon a nearby stage setting with an illuminated palm tree, and in front of it were rows of audience seats. I can only guess at the significance of the theater-like setting.

It was at this point that I found myself again sitting on the edge of the bed, my eyes opening to the evening backyard trees and sky. I knew I had been in an alternate reality, intensely vivid and more alive and meaningful than anything on Earth. I felt amazed, of course, though not altogether shocked. My studies in A Course In Miracles had prepared me for a different way of looking at things, and even a miracle or two. Though one might hope for a direct revelation from God, the most I ever anticipated was perhaps a definite knowing of the existence of God.

Prior to that experience, I was content with only faith. Now I knew by direct and most gracious experience that God is our reality, and very much a part of our true selves. Life has certainly changed for the better – but not in that overwhelming sense of having learned something I hadn’t ever considered. The Course covers a great deal of practical material, and I credit it with having brought me to a mindset in sync with God’s thoughts and reality.

I do not know whether that would be the cause of my visit to heaven – revelations being solely at the discretion of the Creator – but the timing seemed to indicate that my thoughts had finally made me receptive to such an event.

My life changed for the better ever since first reading A.C.I.M., and then by practicing its teachings. I turned away from superficial pursuits towards more meaningful and universally beneficial engagements. I still make mistakes, lots of them, but I worry less about things.

I have accomplished far more in this year, and have felt a far deeper connection to my fellow humans than ever before. I felt today the right occasion to share this with anyone who may find it credible. Though intensely personal, I'm certain that God would want me to share these thoughts with anyone who would consider them.

My hope is that we endeavor to honor all life – while learning how not to be God. Perhaps by reminding ourselves more often that we are still in God’s mind.

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