I felt my consciousness spread all over the universe.

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in late fifties
Current location:  India
Age at time of experience:  54

Was being initiated into guided meditation when I heard recorded drums music being played. Something was telling me to let go and join the rhythm of the drums but I held on to my control feebly. Eventually the music became irresistible and I could see Shiva dancing in my mind – which exploded and I lost what little control over my mind and I LET GO.

I was shivering like a leaf and tears were pouring non-stop and I was laughing and crying at the same time. I had my eyes shut all the while as the music was playing. My mind was filled with happiness and I felt my consciousness spread all over the universe and I did not want that feeling to diminish or vanish.

The music eventually stopped and we were gently asked to open our eyes and return to the world – which was kind of sad.

I have been reliving this experience in my mind many times and get inspired by it. But the first experience was the best and unequalled.

The joy was entirely within me and I felt that I was one with the world and was smiling with love at every object I could see.

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