Part of One Big Electronic Circuit

Mystical Experiencer:  Male late thirties
Current location:  Canada
Age at time of experience:  22

Before this experience I had many others but this is the experience that really changed my life and made me want to pursue a life around this field. After learning meditation at a night school program, I developed a desire to read books on spirituality and books on many topics such as Ancient Egypt, Chanting, Conspiracy Theories, The Kybalion and many other things but I never got any books on Mysticism. So I searched the internet and came across a book called The Mystic’s Goal from Julia Setton. When I discovered this book on a website, I felt an energy attracting me forward to the screen. So I went to my local book store and asked them to order it.

When It came in I went down to the bookstore to pick it up and then went straight home. When I got home, I started to read the book and right away I started to feel like the description they described a Mystic as being. Then all of a sudden I got this feeling that was telling me that I have to start writing. The thing is, I never used to write before this but I was getting this intense feeling that was telling me that there is something that I must express on paper. So I went to the local park with a notebook and let this feeling pour out.

It started with me writing about the nature of a plant seed. I wrote that a seed starts out within the earth and what makes it start to grow is the warmth developed from the heat around it and food that is provided for it. I wrote That the food provided for it is similar to how we as humans are born in to a culture that teaches us how to survive. The warmth is symbolic to the life force that animates all things of life. Eventually that life force makes it known that there is a higher energy that it wants to connect with and the seed follows instructions by starting to sprout out towards it. This is equal to how after us humans learn how to survive from culture, we are directed from within to seek something higher (unfortunately not all humans listen to this advice).

As I wrote this down, I looked up to the thing that all seeds grow towards and that is the sun. From this point I started to feel warm within and then I started to listen to the sounds around me. Since I was at a park that is close to a river, I started to listen to the waves of the water and all of a sudden I started to feel the warmth within me plus sounds of the waves as being one. This feeling started to expand and I started to feel the people around me in the park also being connected to this feeling of warmth and then I started to feel that myself and everyone around me as all being part of one big electronic circuit. From this point I sat there, took in the moment and wrote some more.

When I left the park I still had that feeling but it slowly started to go away as I got home. After that I made it my true purpose in life is to become self realized and a Mystic.

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