I was basically taken over by the feeling of pure love, pure happiness, pure contentment and tranquility.

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in early sixties
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  61

My mother passed away on July 22nd.  I used to buy her a hanging flower basket every year for Mother’s Day and hang it on a hook near her entry door.  She lived by herself since my father passed away 11 years earlier and missed him dearly.

The last year or so she had started to get quite forgetful so when I would stop by her house I would reach up and touch the soil in the hanging basket to feel for moisture to check if she had remembered to water it.  Sometimes it would be dry so I would ask her if she remembered to water it and her answer would always be the same, “Oh yeah my mind isn’t that far gone yet” and I would say to her “well try to put twice as much water in it because it’s hot out and it’s awful thirsty.”  Then I would get some water and pour on it.

One of the last times I spoke with her before she passed, kind of out of the blue she asked me if I thought dad was still up there waiting for her.  I was kind of taken aback for a second then replied, “Of course he is, why do you say that?”  She replied “well it’s been a long time you know.”  I said “I don`t think time has anything to do with it.  He`s probably up there making a spot for all of us to be together again.”  She replied “I guess you’re right” and that was the end of that conversation.  She passed 2 days later.

I brought the plant home with me and hung it on an old wooden swing set frame I have out in my front yard about 75 feet out from the house. Also at her wake someone had sent a very nice set of chimes that sound like church bells and I hung them next to the flowers.  I would take an empty gallon milk jug out to water it most of the time, but one day in late August after a dry spell of several days, I decided to take my garden hose and pull it around my yard to water all my plants plus some new small evergreens I had planted in the spring.

Now this is where I had my religious experience.  As I was approaching the hanging planter, I noticed approximately 25 feet in front of me where there is a small opening in the tree line across the front of my yard where I drive my lawn tractor through to access another part of my property came a slight breeze.  I was thinking this was a bit strange for the wind to be coming from that direction and as I got closer to the planter the wind slowly got stronger and stronger at the same time the chimes started out slowly and got faster and faster and louder and louder. 

As I lifted the hose to the planter, I found myself gazing into a large portal of light with some rays emanating from around the edges of it. As I stood there gazing into this light, which I believe lasted about 15 seconds, I was basically taken over by the feeling of pure love, pure happiness, pure contentment and tranquility.  I was staring into a light that was pure white, more pure white than words can describe. I saw no figures, I heard no voices or music, just pure love. The only thought in me at the time was I knew mom was alright.

As the portal went away and I started realizing my surroundings again, the wind still blowing and chimes still ring loudly both started fading away and stopped.  I was still feeling very happy and the “mom’s alright” thought stayed with me for several more minutes.

At this point I wanted to run and tell everyone I saw what had just happened to me but then I realized people would not believe me, they would just think I was crazy or on drugs or just went bonkers or something.  I know what I experienced was real, in fact it was more than real. By that I mean no one could ever imagine what happened.  I don’t believe there are any words to describe it.

I know what I saw, I saw the entrance to eternity.  It’s the light we are told to go toward when we die.  It did not draw me toward it because it was not my turn to die, but when I do die, I know I will run toward it and summersault into it yelling “eee haa” all the way.

I don’t know why I was the one shone this, but I believe it had to do with my mother letting me know she was alright.  I like to feel as if I won the religious lottery.  It has changed my entire view on religion, life and death, why we are here, and many other things.  It has put many of the pieces of life’s puzzle together for me, making me one of the spiritually luckiest people alive.

I know I will never do anything the rest of my life to hamper, hinder or in any way prevent me from getting back to that light.  When I was first trying to figure out what happened, I googled asking if there were any support groups who had supernatural religious experiences and I found that they are called mystical religious experiences and that’s when I found Imere.

I can relate to some of the experiences written about on your website, so I know other people are telling their stories. I have told no one about mine but it would be wrong if I took it to my grave without it being told.  Here it is.  Do with it what you think would do the most good, but I would like to remain anonymous.

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