A Pure Experience of The Boundless Void

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in early eighties
Current location:  Thailand
Age at time of experience:  32

Suddenly all organic feedback from my emotional apparatus to my cerebral mental processes was suspended. My slate was wiped clean…. I had stepped outside of humanity even though I was still the same human being. I had a clear visual perception into an indeterminate formless distance that could be seen right through the walls of the room. The room lost its substantiality, becoming but a filmy transparent veneer over a vast and shining sea of mist. It was the boundless Void. 

A series of intuitive realizations came to me in an orderly sequence. They were intentionally fed to me from a source other than my personal being. I was aware that they came from another source that was different also from the tragic face of humanity. Organic feedback that normally fills one’s mental processes ceased to function….

The intuitive perceptions that began to come were not organic in nature at all. They were cosmic. First there was a perception into the formless distance of unlimited possibilities. I intuitively recognized that possibilities need not be confined in any way, that their range is unlimited. I seemed able to see forever into the depths of the shining Void. 

This was followed by a few examples, most of which I cannot find words to describe. One of them was the possibility of unlimited lifespan. This brought with it a trace of anxiety about how to relate to an indefinite lifespan when our thoughts are so conditioned to a brief lifetime of striving ending in death.  But even this latter concern was an intuitive one that was part of the series that was fed to me. My thoughts and emotions were being controlled. I was a passive observer to mental and emotional processes orchestrated by a source distinct from me. 

I took another step or two when the most disconcerting thing happened, though I didn’t feel it so at the time. Everything vanished completely! The room, the city, the planet, the universe, even my own body, all just vanished completely! There was no loss of a sense of identity, despite not being identified with a body. 

I had no thoughts, no physical body, no perceptible body of any kind. I was an integral part of the vast and shining sea of mist that contained no forms whatsoever. It was an identity in emptiness with the whole of being. It was experienced with wonder, a pure sense of being and wonder. There was no organic rapture, no heavenly bliss, no pain, no loss, no gain, no sorrow. 

Everything was balanced in a field of pure being and wonder. It was like gazing into a silvery moonlit night without the moon or stars, even while being an integral part of the emptiness. It was a vast Void with a boundless quality of indeterminate depth. 

In a moment everything returned again as a thin transparent veneer, but only for a moment. Then everything was gone again. This happened several times in succession as if someone was switching the entire universe on and off to deliberately show me something. There was a reciprocal correspondence between the world of Form and the Void.

[During my experiences], the Supreme Being [had] emanated unblemished love toward me….  I am profoundly grateful for the experiences. Many questions are answered for me. I do not have to believe in anything. I know.

God explicitly demonstrated that there was NO Being apart from His Being. This was not deniable. I faced total psychic annihilation as the ONLY option. The experience nearly destroyed me utterly because there was no language, no way to make rational left brain sense of it and yet both hemispheres of my brain saw and experienced everything. The only words I could find were the quadrilemma that came to me even though I had never heard of it before. 

What they call nirvana is the Void. The pure experience of the Void is an awesome life changing experience. God transcends and subsumes the Void and can use it as a medium of communication. He does not communicate in language, although he did once identify Himself by the one word “God” that filled my whole being.

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