Unlimited Freedom and Joy

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-twenties
Current location:  Italy
Age at time of experience:  24

In the months before my mystical experience I started to feel the need to penetrate in a deeper way into what was my understanding of the world. This feeling rose after a few months since my starting to practice Ju Jitsu and with it meditation.

I have to specify that in those days I hadn’t any knowledge about what could or couldn't be enlightenment. One day, while I was reading a book of the university talking about philosophy, I focused myself on a few parts talking about the ego and about what could be a greater ego, a universal mind. While I was reading that I felt like I could in some way “drop it”, and suddenly it happened.

I felt like time and space were gone, but I can't precisely describe what was the feeling because unfortunately words cannot describe everything about reality itself. Words are a translation of it and sometimes a translation can't describe exactly the original meaning.

After that I can remember that I had this feeling of unlimited freedom and joy, the feeling that the meaning of life is every second of life itself and that I hadn't to worry about anything except to enjoy it.

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