The Sense of Self Was Totally Lost

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in late thirties
Submission date:  February 24, 2022
Current location:  Australia
Age at time of experience:  16

First time meditation was tried, a kundalini awakening occurred. The body was tingling and ecstatic as the energy buzzed up and went through the whole body. Then I went for a joyful skip to the hill up the road and sat in exquisite mindlessness — no thought, silence. It was a state of divine perfection it was so blissful and wonderful.

Then the body went home and wrote jokes and laughed until the early hours of the morning. When awoken the next day, the buzzing tingling stopped. The sense of self was totally lost. The body was awake nonstop for 2 weeks laughing and joking to itself — life became comical and ended up being hospitalised in a psychiatric ward for 2 weeks after that.

Took over 10 years to realise it was an awakening. The sense of self never came back and still is gone though.

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