What are some common misconceptions about mysticism?

In The Teachings of The Mystics, W.T. Stace provided an important summary of “Some Things Which Mysticism is Not”: “The word “mysticism” is popularly used in a variety of loose and inaccurate ways. Sometimes anything is called “mystical” which is misty, foggy, vague, or sloppy. It is absurd that “mysticism” should be associated with what is “misty” because of the familiar sound of the words. And there is nothing misty, foggy, vague, or sloppy about mysticism. A second absurd association is to suppose that mysticism is sort of mystery-mongering…[M]ysticism is not any sort of hocus-pocus such as we commonly associate with claims to the elucidation of sensational mysteries. Mysticism is not the same as what is commonly called the “occult” – whatever that may mean….”

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