A Kundalini Awakening

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in early seventies
Submission date:  August 24, 2021
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  26

Following a year-long period of surrendering to love and a dedication and commitment to meditation and dance, I participated in a complete and healthy Kundalini awakening. I was performing a yoga posture that I learned from Yogi Bhajan when a ball of energy rose up from the base of my spine and traveled to the seventh chakra. At the moment the energy reached the crown chakra, there was no sensory awareness or ego awareness; there was only white light. It was an event and not an experience since there was only light, and not me seeing light. This lasted only about 10 seconds, after which my ego awareness returned, but in a state far different than before. I knew that I was united with the Divine and that my consciousness was irrevocably altered.

In the 45 years since my awakening, I’ve lived a creative, productive, and fulfilling life. I’ve continued spiritual practices over the years and studied the wisdom teachings of the masters, saints, and prophets of many religions, particularly those of the Sufi tradition. I married and raised a child. I retired from an extensive and varied career in information technology, holding various positions as a systems analyst, software designer, project leader and manager. I also continued studying and performing dance, performing in over 100 shows with several dance companies of diverse styles.  I am currently developing my own style of inter-spiritual sacred dance, which I have called Radiant Dance.

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