I Felt “The Presence”

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-forties
Submission date:  September 10, 2021
Current location:  Croatia
Age at time of experience:  42

I felt something strange…I noticed the air around had something different, transparent, but like a different thickness. I felt the presence. Suddenly, something invisible was pushing me. I was sitting and keeping balance with my hands pressed against the pebbly road. The pushes were strong and very physical…like some invisible big hand was pushing me. And the feeling of someone’s presence became strong.

Never experienced such a feeling before… the feeling of something being present everywhere, so intense, powerful, otherworldly. I was astonished. The feeling inside me was also new, unexperienced before, very powerful, very deep, very profound. I think I was a bit scared at this point…I spontaneously had a thought in my head saying ‘Is this good or evil?’ and I received the answer: ‘I am love’.  I felt unbelievable comfort and love. I asked in shock and disbelief ‘why me?’ and I received the answer ‘it’s a gift.

This communication was like telepathy…there was another level of communication which I can describe as a sort of understanding without forming the words, the communication beyond human words and sentences…like the thoughts that are not words, like the language that’s not anything human because to me, my thoughts are always words, and this is beyond that, and yet I understand it. I could understand that this contact and communication came from everywhere and it was so intelligent, so beyond my human intelligence.

In my human mind, I never felt smaller, I never felt my human limits so clearly as in those moments. I clearly felt this was the contact and communication with the ultimate divine force. My human mind searched among familiar things to explain what was experiencing, and I concluded that the closest word for this to explain was God. I received the message that was not a reply to any question saying  ‘I am power’. I lost contact for a moment. I looked into the sky and I said ‘You are power, you are love’ and soon communication continued. I was in a state of trance…but conscious. I kept saying ‘how could I ever had any doubts about your existence.’

I was chanting in a nice melody ‘you are the power, you are love’. This chanting came very spontaneously and effortlessly…I could not repeat it after. My eyes were like waterfalls, the tears were just water pouring without stopping. The feeling inside me was indescribable…it was more intense than any joy and happiness I ever felt.

From time to time, I could hear my friends calling my name. They were only about 200 meters from me. I could not see them, but I could hear them. I would stop for a second and just scream so that they can hear me: ‘I am here, I am fine!’. From time to time, I would stop also to check if anybody was walking this road I was sitting on. I was concerned that some stranger might pass by and find me acting strange.

After I would check around me, I would return to communication and chanting…always starting with ‘You are power, you are love’ The communication lasted about 2 hours. There were simple things I asked and there was this other level of communication different from words and more complex in understanding. At some point, even though the experience was still as strong as in the start, I realized it was time to return to the group. I returned and I spent the rest of the day and evening barely communicating. I was so deeply touched…shocked…

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