A Sense of Oneness and Love with the Environment

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-eighties
Submission date:  April 8, 2022
Current location:  Australia
Age at time of experience:  37

Initially very distressed and unable to cope with deteriorating circumstances of failing marriage over several months. Prayer and meditation for psychological support did not appear to relieve stress and sleep deprivation. Suddenly woke one night at 2 am and had an aura where I experienced a cool sensation on the centre of my forehead between the eyes. Became aware of a warm sensation of pins and needles on the vertex of my scalp that radiated down my head, neck, torso, limbs to my feet following which the feelings of stress and anxiety resolved, replaced by joy leading to ecstasy and a sense of oneness and love with the environment. Feel into a deep restful sleep.

Woke up next morning feeling refreshed but suddenly became aware of an alternate thought stream in my mind directing me to teach the Christian gospel. Entered into an internal dialogue with this higher presence in my mind that such a directive was not feasible as I had a son to care for (my former wife had cohabitated with another man) and a surgical practice to maintain. In the dialogue with this higher spiritual presence, I offered to write a book on Universal Spirituality. This was accepted and I subsequently wrote the book.

I carried out extensive research in neuroscience, developmental psychology and spiritual philosophy for the book. I also researched the personal psychological experiences of Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Paul and Mohammad when they had their calling, to better understand how a Call by what is referred to as the Holy Spirit, influenced the direction of their lives.

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