All Human Distinctions Seemed to Fade Away

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in early sixties
Submission date:  July 24, 2022
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  58

I am working on a more comprehensive writeup.  I was contemplating the nature of the concept of a hammer.  What was and what was not a hammer, etc.  At a point where I realized that a hammer was not a hammer, but only exactly what it was, all human distinctions seemed to fade away.  It was like having removed all binary thinking.  All of the noise of human cognition faded and I was able to see clearly for the first time.

All of a sudden, I felt as if I was also someplace else.  It was not someplace else, but more like being in “more” of the same place.  It was like experiencing everything extra-dimensionally in a way that explained everything that was happening more completely than I thought possible.  It was potentially holographic in some sense.  It was like I suddenly understood vastly more than I should have been able to understand.

Rather than being unsettled by the realization, my reaction was “Hmm, interesting”.  I was exceptionally calm.  It seemed natural, because it all made sense.  After three years of thinking about it, I know that I cannot directly remember any of it.  I believe this is because the machinery of human memory is not designed to remember additional dimensions.

All that I am able to recall are “artistic impressions” of what I experienced.  It was a place where things like spatial dimensions existed only as a way to artistically express things that were more fundamental.  I remember being amid “concepts” that were extremely fundamental.

At one point, they seemed like a crystal of interconnected truths.  At the next moment, they were represented as a field of flowers that I could pick.  As if I drew petals from several flowers together, I was able to create an expression.  It was not a sentence per se, but had the feel of a well-formed formula.  As if it had a syntax.  I created an expression that said something so true that I had to recognize it as divine.

It has become clear to me that the truths expressed in this language defy direct translation into human language because all human words divide things in incompatible ways.  The closest I can come is that it was a statement similar to “Truth makes matter move”.  The way it was expressed, however, made it an absolutely true statement about they wat everything in the universe behaves.

I was struck dumb and humble by the meaning of what I saw.  It seemed absolute.  It was at that point that I experienced (not heard) a voice in my head saying something that I had heard a few weeks prior at a family get-together.  I heard “Turn around and see perfect wisdom.”  So, physical dimensions manifested around me so that I could metaphorically turn around, and, upon doing so, I saw my second perfect divine truth.  It was the most perfect opposite of the one I had just seen.  It said something that can roughly be translated to “Lies make matter move.”

In that instant, holding two perfectly paradoxical opposite divine truths in my head at the same time, I experienced something that I would describe as transcendence. The fact that I was driving a car this entire time is also interesting.  Since this experience, I have an on-going addition “sense” that I also can’t describe well.  I also continue to have mystical experiences of a less profound nature on a somewhat regular basis.

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