All of Reality Merged Into Oneness—It Was Like Being in God-Mode

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in mid-thirties
Submission date:  August 12, 2022
Current location:  Canada
Age at time of experience:  29

I was sitting alone in my apartment in the morning, perhaps around 10 am. I had just finished reading a book that I had been reading and studying intensively at the time, called the Science of Mind by Dr. Ernest Holmes. I was reading that book every day for about a month. And I would read it and then meditate for 10-20 minutes after having read a section of the book.

On this day of the mystical experience, I was meditating, sitting cross-legged on my couch, meditating not about any particular subject, but just stilling my mind and focusing on the present moment with my eyes closed. All of a sudden, it was like my mind moved and shifted and all of reality merged into oneness. And my perspective of my conscious existence changed to include a oneness of all things, including all beings.

Along with this feeling of oneness, I also experienced complete love for all things, which I was also made aware is how God views all things. It was like being in God-mode, where everything was the product of one single event, or purpose, or meaning, or reason, and that that reason was Love itself.

It was like shifting my consciousness into what I describe as true reality — the real reality that’s actually happening. It was the most “real” thing I’ve ever experienced. It was The One Truth about existence made manifest in my consciousness.

The feeling of one-love also created deep blissful and joyful sensations in my body. I was at complete peace and totally in love with the world. I continued to go about my day with this feeling of deep bliss and joy and love for all things. It was like I was floating, like I had wings. I could feel myself radiating love and joy.

When I encountered people out in the world, on the street, as I walked outside my apartment, I was compelled to see them as beloved beings. I smiled at everyone and wished them all peace and love from inside my heart. And people noticed. I could tell I was drawing more attention to myself than usual and people smiled at me more than usual.

I went for dinner with my friends that night, and my one friend, whom I would describe as “intuitive,” said that she felt like I was glowing and something was different. She could sense that something had occurred. I told her it was because of the big Solar Eclipse that was also occurring during that time of August of 2017. The eclipse was on the 21st, and this mystical experience occurred on the 17th.

When I went to bed that night, I was still feeling this way but also wondered whether the feeling and the “realization” would be gone in the morning when I woke up. but it wasn’t. The feeling of love and bliss and peace and this new knowledge of Truth and Oneness and True Reality were still there. I could still experience Oneness. I could still see and feel how all things are connected. The feeling of being One with everything — of being merged with all things through joy and love and peace lasted for approximately 10 days.

The best way I can describe it is that it just gradually wore off until I became my “old” self again, where I then went on to worry, and have anxieties, and concerns. But during those 10 days or so, I didn’t worry. I didn’t stress. I found no reason to be afraid or concerned. I was totally at peace.

On the day of the mystical experience happening, I went to the library and started researching what had happened. I googled things like “sudden experience of oneness while meditating” and that’s when I learned that what I had had was mystical experience. It matched up perfectly with other people’s testimonies.

I continued researching about mystical experiences and reality and spirituality, and it’s then that I also learned about angels, and lightworkers, and types of mystics who are living their lives as if they are aware of a greater unity of beingness. I became obsessed with it. Even after the effects of the mystical experience wore off, I still was driven to deeply understand the spiritual nature of things — the reality of the world beyond our physical world and beyond the limits of what we’re capable of sensing.

In the months after the experience, I went through some depression, and I learned that I was experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul, whereby I was grappling with reconciling the fact that I had been given “knowledge” of reality and that it was so incongruent with the reality I was living in and that disparity caused me deep distress.

I went on a seeker’s journey trying to reconcile why our reality is so painful compared to the one I was shown. Eventually, I was led to Jesus Christ after three years of searching. I’m now a practicing Roman Catholic as of April 2022.

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