Spontaneous Presence, The Self

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in mid-seventies
Submission date:  August 1, 2022
Current location:  United Kingdom
Age at time of experience:  54

“The In-Lightened Heart of Spontaneous Presence”

(If I were to speak of this experience…)


How could words justify it?

Pure Love came dancing to this being, alone and quiet,

Sitting within her own luminous Nature

In the Bliss of the In-lightened Heart of the Self.

Spontaneous Presence.

Dissolution of ebb and flow within the Source.

That unique underlying state whereby ordinary consciousness and Supreme Consciousness dissolve, merging

One into the arms of the other.

The falling away of desires, of wishes to be fulfilled,

and of attachments to outcomes.

Freed of confines and definitions of duality,

I am free of hopes and fears.

Spontaneous Presence, the Self, is the unifying Source of all.

This experience is total and uncompromising.

In Spontaneous Presence, doing or non-doing,

Coming and going are already fulfilled.

It is good to let things be as they are, to come and go just as they please, like passing clouds in a clear blue sky.

Nothing is required of me and there is nothing to be done.

As there is no ‘other’, for who can give and to whom,

If there is no-one to receive?

And who can receive if there is no-one to give?

And what is there that can be given or received

if there is only Spontaneous Presence?

I am the Spontaneous Presence dancing the Eternal Present.

No judging

No resisting

No division

For all is resolved in Spontaneous Presence.

This has been none other than the fulfilment of my life.

To rest eternally in the In-lightened Heart.


Relax into this awareness as a focus

and you will also come to know.


Please note: The account above is copyrighted by Nandini/AdvaitaSpirit Publishing.

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