An Immense Presence, Invisible Yet Unmistakable

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-fifties
Submission date:  November 18, 2021
Current location:  Australia
Age at time of experience:  43

I was driving home from a friend’s house in the country contemplating creation. A thought came: am I the result of evolution or of divine creation? In that moment, the world ceased to exist and I became aware of an all-encompassing golden light, like a river flowing out from the vastness of space. I noticed there was an immense presence, invisible yet unmistakable.

A sense of unworthiness overcame me and a fear to turn towards the presence. Immediately a wave of deep unconditional love came over me and, as I turned towards the presence, it was shown in a sense of just knowing that my sense of unworthiness was unfounded. I was innocent of all I thought I did, it [(life)] was just a dream, and I was forever loved.

After this communication was the recognition that I was light and love emanating from the source of all that is. An overwhelming sense of gratitude and love pervaded my being. The more gratitude for this love I felt, the more the love would grow. At some point, it seemed as if I would explode in this ecstasy.

Then, in a flash, the world appeared, and once again I was driving my car. At that time, I had no idea how long I was unaware for, but, in hindsight from when the experience occurred to when I regained  perception, I somehow negotiated two major intersections, merged onto the motorway, and traveled for some time at around 100 kilometers an hour. I would suggest I traveled about 15km or so.

For the rest of the drive home, I was just in a state of awe and somehow still pervaded by this all-encompassing golden light. The world of perception seemed to be imaginary for some time afterwards, and the light has never disappeared.

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