I was Everything and Everything was Me

Mystical Experiencer: Woman in her early sixties
Submission date: March 4, 2023
Current location: Canada
Age at time of experience: 26

I was relaxing, almost in the state just before sleeping. I was laying down with my eyes closed. As I relaxed deeper, I saw myself walking on a path that had many beautiful flowers along its border. I could hear chimes since there was a slight breeze. I was surrounded by trees, birds and nature. The sun was very warm as I walked along the path. Then all of a sudden, I was gone, in the sense that my physical body was gone.

I was there but not in my solid physical self. I was the brilliant flowers swaying in the breeze, I was the color of the flowers! I was the sound of the chimes, I was the clouds, the trees and everything that was around my physical body. I was everything and I was expansive. I had no borders so to speak, no physical borders. I was everything and everything was me.

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