Unity, Love, and “Oneness” which were Beyond Powerful

Mystical Experiencer: Man in his late fifties
Submission date: May 27, 2023
Current location: United States
Age at time of experience: 49

The breathwork sessions I did on my own were intense. The breathwork sessions I did with a facilitator at my side were even more intense. I can hardly describe these sessions. They are vivid, cathartic and mystical in their own right. The one particular guided breathwork session where I had a mystical experience was far and above more spectacular than anything I ever experienced before. Since it’s hard to describe one of my regular sessions, imagine the impotency of words attempting to describe this one experience. It’s beyond description, but my experience is similar or the same to what is described online or in writings by others.

With a guiding breathwork facilitator, I began the session as we did in the past. I was on a table, lying on my back with my eyes closed. This time an inviting enveloping bright light started to dominate the session. It started small and grew rather quickly. The light was both within me and it surrounded me. I was thrilled with the experience. It was the most , welcoming light you can imagine. It was infinite in its size scope and brightness. Then there were feelings of unity, love, and ‘oneness’ which were beyond powerful. The deep knowledge and expansive appreciation that everyone and everything are “one” brought tears of joy. I was sobbing tears of joy and was in total awe. I was no longer in the room. My existence was on a plane with the entire universe. I did not want to leave this state.

But at some point, I came into my body still glowing and still in awe of the gift I was given. Once I could appreciate the presence of the facilitator, Sandra, I remember speaking my first words. Still sobbing tears of immense joy, I said “I was touched by the light of God.” That’s what happened. I was touched by the light of God. Back in my body I was still glowing and felt like I was floating. I was concerned about driving home but managed to do so. I was filled with love for everything and everyone. I felt like I was still aglow. Once home I sat in the car contemplating encountering my wife and two small children. Would they know I was different? I managed to interact with them in a normal way. As time went on the glowing feeling got less and less. It lasted about 5 days. Initially, I was immune from stress and frustration, but as time went on, I returned to my typical experience.

Eventually the stress of life returned. But I’ve always kept the memory of this gift.
For years, I never spoke of the event. I had no idea what it was. During my breathwork sessions I’ve always hoped it would repeat itself, but it never has. Recently I learned what a kundalini awakening is. When I had my experience, I had no knowledge of such things. I feel I had a kundalini awakening. I’ve always drawn strength from

experience, and I am beyond appreciative, but I would certainly not say I remain enlightened. I really don’t know what long term effects it’s had on me. I suspect there have been good things. Mostly I appreciate the gift.

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