An Excitement and Childlike Connectivity to the Universe

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-thirties
Current location:  Ireland
Age at time of experience:  31

I had started working on the twelve steps about one year prior to having this mystical experience. I had had my first experience about ten months previous to this when I was very low. I remember the day in question quite well as I had been unwell with partially treated schizophrenia for a number of years but there was something especially mild about every aspect of that day.

I asked to leave work about 4pm due to ill health and went home for awhile. There I decided to go to an AA meeting at 7:30pm in Dublin city centre. I had been walking around the city for a while before it kicked in. I remember it exactly when I turned onto Anne Street South that I felt the beginning of something that everyone around me was not experiencing. It floated from underneath me and within me, lapping at the shores of what I could feel.

The experience can not really be described accurately but I felt an excitement and childlike connectivity to the universe. I was listening to a deep house mix and it happened, the tune Ragysh came on and was mixed into New Musik. Ragysh builds up quite intensely and the mystical experience undulated magnificently to the mix. Again it is quite indescribable. I felt a sense that this is what it would be like in the afterlife and I could feel the presence of God.

The night was coloured a shade of purple blue and in the AA meeting I met with Tony, a fellow member, and after the meeting explained to him that I was having a spiritual experience. He told me to enjoy it. For the rest of the evening I walked from the city centre to Rathmines puffing cigarettes, sixty I think in the end which a lot even for me. All I can really say about this experience was though my life had been difficult there was a Higher Power watching down. It gave me the belief to continue.

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