Everything is God

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in mid-forties
Current location:  Germany
Age at time of experience:  21

6 months prior to the experience, I started to feel a longing for a deeper connection with existence. I have described it that way back then, but looking back, I can recognize it. I started to read books on reiki, yoga, meditation and crystals, I also read Autobiography of a Yogi. I traveled a lot, as I was a model back then.

When I read a book about reiki, I felt the unstoppable urge to find out if this works. I remember being on a plane to NYC and could hardly have the patience to wait those few hours till arrival. I wasn’t interested in the healing aspect of reiki. I had thought, if this works, then this is proof of God.

It was hard to find someone who was willing to initiate me immediately without taking a course. But I couldn’t wait. Finally, one woman agreed because of my sense of urgency. Before the invitation, she invited me to meditate. I had never meditated before.

While I was wondering, whether what I was doing and feeling, was meditation or not, my entire body started to feel like an incredibly strong energy field. I no longer felt like a dense body, just vibration. I remember wanting to laugh and cry at the same time. It was a delicious and ecstatic feeling, very safe, since everything is God. This energy which was me was also God.

When the lady asked me to come out of mediation, so that we could start with the initiation ritual, I didn’t ever want to come out of this state. I really had to focus hard to get back to the usual state of being. I later joined a spiritual teacher, which is when I realized I had been sitting in front of a photo of this teacher, who was the reiki teacher’s spiritual teacher as well.

This is my most significant experience, because it was my first, and my life and how I view life completely changed after that.  I started regular meditation since that experience. I have had many more spiritual experiences after that, some of equal intensity. But this was the initial one that put me on a spiritual path.

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