One with Everything

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in mid-forties
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  45

Permanent inner peacefulness is present and felt for a few months now.

I’ve had a few short satori experiences while playing focus games with an object.

I’ve never done meditation seriously and daily but am a constant observer instead.

Now, I live in meditative state effortlessly.

[The day of my most significant experience], I was rushing to leave to drive to a meeting. Driving time according to GPS – 20min.

I do not stress out anymore, but from the first second I was in a car the inner peacefulness became especially intense. Driving down the driveway, I started experiencing lessened bodily sensations. Soon after, I felt a difficulty to control the car, because all sensations gradually disappeared and with it, the car interior brightened up while at the same time everything outside looked foggy. The closest wordy explanation would be: the car was very sunny, and outside the car was very cloudy.

I completely lost my sensations in the body, and, somehow, I became one with the car and the car somehow became one with the cloudy everything outside it. I knew that somehow there is no me at all, and at the same time I am that car and that the car is one with everything.

Very vaguely, it looked dangerous seeing my car having difficulty staying in the lane on the highway. At the same time, there was 0 fear present. I was trying to wake myself up and vaguely to think if I should continue driving or needed to stop? But that thinking was not stemming from logic. It was felt instead.

I continued driving and had a challenging time to keep the car straight. The state I was in was amazing and complete. It’s like I was nothing and at the same time I was everything. At the same time there was no I whatsoever!

When I finally arrived and turned the car off, I had a thought sequence:

            1. It’s good that now I’m not driving.

            2. It felt quite dangerous, without fear attached. Hmmm… strange.

            3. What the heck was that???

Peacefulness was still stronger than ever, but slowly I was coming back to the normal state. No strong heartbeat, no nervousness. Nothing changed at all. I went to my meeting peacefully and detached from this experience.

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