Love is our true nature and God is Conscious Love.

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in early forties
Current location:  Australia
Age at time of experience:  25

I was living on my own following a breakup with my boyfriend. I had a troubled relationship with my family after many years of abuse. I was lost without my boyfriend and deeply contemplating my future direction. I felt unworthy and unlovable. I was working in the corporate world doing what I thought would make me happy. I was focused on other people's ideas of success: making money and having an executive job with status, but I felt unfulfilled.

I started dreaming of my ex boyfriend, symbolic dreams which continued for years and led me to finding my spirituality. Soon after my breakup I dreamt that I’d left my body which I could see asleep on my bed in my room. I was floating towards an all loving, all encompassing conscious energy that wrapped its love around me like a warm blanket. It felt like I had finally come home or I was back in the womb.

This energy was omnipotent and had both masculine and feminine energy and was deeply compassionate. It conveyed to me through thought that I was deeply and unconditionally loved. It loved me completely. Nothing I could say or do would ever stop It from loving me. It was a love that I’d never experienced before and a love that I know no human being is capable of while on earth.

I have had many mystical experiences since, including experiencing God's love and being able to feel all the love around me. I’ve felt intuitively that our negative conditioning prevents us from experiencing the love around us and for us. I continued having very symbolic and psychic dreams for years after this and developed a deep sense of spirituality. I changed careers and became a social worker. I focused less and less on material success and more on my spiritual and psychological growth.

Love is our true nature and God is Conscious Love. We are unconditionally loved by God who does not judge us – we judge ourselves. We come to earth to learn about the different manifestations of love. Sometimes the only way to understand what love is, is by experiencing what it is not.

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