I was not yet I was.

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in late fifties
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  32

I had entered into what I would call an educational flow. I read and incorporated religious texts from all over the world. Though I didn't understand most of what I was reading in the moment as I slept it would come together. I awoke daily with new revelations.

I followed instincts to see myself as the bird that flies, as the tree, as the rock, as the person beside me. I would say things to myself like look at me soaring in the wind, or look I'm an old lady or look at me there driving a brand new car, I'm doing quite well.

I had amazing but brief visual experiences as well as a higher state of awareness. One day while watching TV with my girlfriend and her daughter, I heard, in my mind, a man with an Indian accent start talking to me. It felt quite natural. We began to talk and he began to teach me about things I never knew. He had a great sense of humor and made me laugh out loud which caused my two girls to look at me and ask what was so funny. I told my girlfriend I have a teacher and she being spiritual herself just thought it was great. Our daughter just smiled and probably thought I was going nuts but she also laughed along with me.

This was two months prior to my experience and eight months in total in the flow. The teacher was now with me all the time. My understanding, compassion, joy and sorrow where at such a deep level that I felt it was time to confront the truth of whatever the truth truly was.

In these last two months I went deeper and deeper into myself removing everything that blocked the path of freedom. One week to go the teacher stopped talking to me but I felt his presence still. Each night now I would lie in bed being challenged by the faces of demons that would appear in the darkness of my mind. Waves after wave seemed to strike my body as I passed each face in the stillness. Than it was quite, pitch dark, moving in expansion. A blackness dark and heavy was coming toward me and swept over me.

There was now a grey light and in that light I approached a man dressed in a robe standing between two pillars. He stopped me from continuing and asked what I was doing here. I told him I would know the truth of God and life and he had no authority to stop me. We argued, I passed. He pointed to a distant ring and said go.

I felt myself flying and I went through the center of the ring. In the distance another ring appeared. I headed toward it and passed through it, in all I counted seven rings but before entering the last I surrendered myself entirely. The light upon this new shore was brighter than a thousand suns, I was not yet I was.

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