Seeing it all from a broader, greater perspective.

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in early forties
Current location:  Croatia
Age at time of experience:  36

Very hard to put it into words…deep understanding of reality, people, all living beings…seeing it all from a broader, greater perspective…understanding deep, deep beauty of all beings and great love for all no matter how they are good or bad, realising that our problems, worries, fightings, careers, backstabbings are sooo…insignificant.  We all are beautiful in the eyes of him, God…even the most bad and dishonest among us (this realization surprises me most in some way).  Deep pleasure, beautiful feeling.  Sounds like a very lacking description now when I read it :-).  Of physical sensations, I was feeling some kind of pressure (not a bad kind) in my lungs.  And in some moments I realized flowing tears…

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