Time and space dissolved and I realized that I was nothing but pure joy, peace.

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in early fifties
Current location:  U.S.A
Age at time of experience:  47

While in a hypnotic mind state, the lessons from "A Course in Miracles” were being said using a CD recording.  I was sitting in a meditation chair and the walls of reality fell down so I could experience the reality behind reality.  While I was in the trance and the CD was playing in the background, my mind let go of who I was, and an opening happened "above" me but I really couldn't tell which way was up and which way was down.  I viewed the world from 360 degrees as if my consciousness was spread out all over at once.  Time and space dissolved and I realized that I was nothing but pure joy, peace.  I could not tell what was going on in the room where my body was and wasn't interested anymore.  The feeling was like the top of my head from my eyebrows to the top of my neck was gone and I was pouring out into eternity… impossible to put into words.  I had been meditating like this for years but the use of "A Course in Miracles" seemed to make a difference. 

My body was sitting in the room but I could not know it, and didn't want to come back to it.  I was no longer I but more like everything all at the same time.  After that experience I noticed how people "think" is based on a false sense of self that is created by memories, and that memories are the greatest limitation of humanity.  It is all a notion of thought itself and the world is bent in the direction of perspective to such a degree that what each individual experiences is an illusion of mind bending events according to past experience. 

The darkness of the world is one consciousness that moves perspective according to the latent fears of the individual.  Guilt mostly, but fear causes the mind to create walls of reality, like a tunnel that mind moves through.  Beyond that my own experience of reality changed for a while, but it was as if the darkness knew that I had breached its walls and used the blind to "chase me down" and keep me from going back to that mind state.  Humankind is being led to think in a way that causes suffering for some unknown reason.  I think the darkness feeds off of negative emotions and requires humans to feel fear based emotional responses in order to stay alive.  I can no longer sit in meditation without being interrupted by outside forces.

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