I Saw How Love Sees Things

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-fifties
Current location:  U.S.A.
Age at time of experience:  55

Like many, I will say that words do it no justice, and never will there be words to describe it.

Immediately I felt I had a friend ask me to help him get sober.  I only had 3 months sober myself.  I was afraid I couldn't help him.  I was praying for assistance to help my friend and I felt a hand on my head then light was shooting out of my head.  The light was connected to something towards my right.

I could see particles of light all around me and something that looked like an orange Galaxy ahead of me like I was traveling through space.  Then I saw 3 angels and one of them blew 3 huge breaths into me.  It felt as though it was healing me.

After that I felt like I was wrapped in a blanket of love and my perception of everything changed.  I saw how love sees things and everywhere in my life where I had not been love.

After this happened I was very confused and I saw everything different.  I am no longer the same person.  I now ask God what his will is for me every day.  It's like I've been born again but this was a spiritual experience not a religious one.

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