There Was Nothing Left to Do

Mystical Experiencer:  Female in mid-forties
Current location:  Italy
Age at time of experience:  42

In Ubud, Bali – I had a rest sleeping in a yoga centre near the centre of Ubud.  The yoga centre was built around a temple.  After I woke I began meditating, just sitting quietly on my bed, in meditation… suddenly my breathing changed and became deeper and intense and very clean… and deep – and with it a vision of gold coins and the noise of coins dropping.  They fell and kept falling into my lap like a waterfall of gold coins. 

I felt fire, was warm, hot and full of light and couldn’t stop laughing (an inner laugh, a silent laugh full of love and devotion) – a sort of full body orgasmic experience of heart-opening love and light and relief, as though the meaning of the universe had fallen upon me… and there was nothing left to do… I don’t know how to describe it other than a spiritual jackpot… it went on for ages… it felt like an hour, but it was probably about half an hour.

I was elevated and felt light and yet very, very grounded…. it was a beautiful vision and audible sound of an inner waterfall of gold coins and laughter…

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