Things were getting brighter. I “blasted” off in a sense.

Mystical Experiencer:  Male under 20 years of age
Current Location:  U.S.A.  
Age at time of experience: 16

I was at my friend’s house and it was a new environment. There were all new people there and still to this day I do not know their names. We all were hanging out listening to music. Everyone was on chairs around in a circle, but I was sitting on a mattress that was off to the side on the floor a little bit. A song comes on that I have never heard before and while I was listening to it, the lyrics in the song made a connection within my own mind. Everything clicked and it was like I could start to feel the wheels in my brain start to actually work. Immediately my vision started to change. Things were getting brighter but there seemed to be a pattern. Kind of like the matrix. But as the brighter and brighter things got, at one point I “blasted” off in a sense.

All my energy and my mind got pulled out of my body. There was a great intense pull from the center of my chest and it felt as if something else was holding me up in place. My body was the last thing on my mind. I couldn’t even understand what was happening. It was too bright for my eyes to really see, but yet I knew where I was and what I was feeling. During this experience, within the slight second it happened, three thoughts stuck in my head while coming back to my body…"You’re ready, the time is now, you are going to take care of everyone you will ever love…" Little did I know I’d grow to love the world. Out of pure beauty I would not stop crying for several hours. I would try to calm down and tell [a friend] what was happening but as soon as I thought about it again I would burst out crying like a little innocent child. I could not stop.

This was the first and most intense experience I have ever had in my entire life. The result of this experience changed my whole life. From the type of person I was to who I am now, I can only thank that experience for changing me. Before this I only cared about making my image to fit the way other people wanted it to. But now I knew who I was. I looked at the world not with closed eyes but rather with eyes of love and compassion. I knew there was something more to live for and if I ever wanted to feel the way I felt again it was not going to be from any type of negativity. So after all of this, I only strive to help and advance the lives of everyone around me….This experience validated that there is something beyond us and whatever it is. It is something pure and magnificent.

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