Love is the nature of our being, it is what we truly are.

Mystical Experiencer:  Male in mid-forties
Current location:  Australia
Age at time of experience:  43

I was driving home one day thinking about creation. Creation of the world, creation of the universe, my creation. I pondered the big bang theory, the moment when everything began, trying to imagine what it was like. I wondered if I had begun this way, as a result of evolution, of something that just seemed to come about over millions of years.

How was I created? I asked the question and then the answer came. It was as if I was instantaneously encompassed by the most beautiful golden light. All awareness of my body, my surroundings and even the fact that I was driving was non-existent. Time stopped and as I was encompassed by this light. It became all there was and I became a part of the light that seemed to emanate from a presence of which there was a feeling of overwhelming peace and love, like the love for a child, innocent and pure.

My appreciation of this love made the feeling more intense and I seemed to sense a warm welcoming smile which flowed from the source of this love to my awareness. In a moment of recognition or knowing, it just seemed all so obvious that this was God, the source of my creation, the truth of my identity. This was spirit itself, being the ever expanding love that I share with all creation, timeless, beyond perception, beyond description.

Then just as suddenly I awoke to the seeming reality of driving my car again. The world just seemed to appear before my eyes and there I was still driving yet still in awe of what just happened. Still with a deep sense of peace and love and with an undeniable Knowing that I had just experienced God, the truth of my creation, the truth of my identity.

I’m still not sure to this day how long I had been unaware of driving or how far I had travelled for time didn’t seem relevant having just experienced an instant in eternity. And if it took me an eternity to relive that instant that would be my heart’s desire.

In the presence of God I realised that the truth of our creation is the loving relationship that we all share with each other as one. This is the meaning of Heaven and the knowledge of the universe is contained within this awareness. Beyond the ideas of time and space is where we truly exist. Not as separate physical beings but together as the spirit of love in the eternal mind of God. Love is the nature of our being, it is what we truly are.

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